I love all of these. It makes my day, everyday.

Actually, the first one is not true. Lol

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The artist Tom Fruin has built this water tower made of colored plexiglas in Brooklyn. The strange structure is a tribute to New York and the “water towers” that adorn the roof of its buildings. An original way to redesign an iconic part of the city using a technique reminding us the stained glasses.

As creative as I would think I am… I would never have thought of this. Beautiful.

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I’m back… ish…

I miss you tumblr… Now find me some weird shit to laugh at.


Its so funny to see that by adding eyes and teeth to an object it instantly gives them so much character. I honestly had the best time making these. 

Again, you can find more of my work on my Facebook street art page:

This makes me smile.

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To all you single ladies out der…

I am off the market… continue shopping elsewhere… that is all. :)

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